Let's Fly Together

You can fly safely with an instructor in a Tandem Paraglider.

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Let's Fly Together
You can fly safely with an instructor in a Tandem Paraglider.
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Without any necessary condition, you can fly with our experienced Tandem Paraglider pilots. 

Our tandem paragliding flights are made by paragliding instructors pilots along our coast.

Tandem Paragliding is one of the best adventure activities you can experience while visiting Lisbon. 

The freedom and pleasure you’ll enjoy from this simple and pure form of flying are absolutely indescribable.

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Paragliding Tandem Flights

Tandem Flight 15 Minutes

The best way to experience the paragliding. You will want to fly again.

Tandem Flight 20 Minutes

This is a package that will give you a complete experience and take advantage of the privileged landscape that you have when flying.

Tandem Flight 30 Minutes

This package is the full flight experience that will allow you a relaxing flight, more excitement, or both.

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