Paragliding Tandem Flights

Book your tandem flight now.

Paragliding Tandem Flights

Book your tandem flight now.

Discovery flight in a Tandem paraglider accessible to all, regardless of age, weight, experience or fitness.

The Paragliding Lisboa instructors can take you to realize your dream of paragliding. This is the opportunity to live a unique experience.

Climbing in the sky, exploring an unseen picture of the world that the majority never get to see, enjoying every moment in the sky

We will take care of everything, just go to the reservation form and choose an option of tandem paragliding flight.

TANDEM FLIGHTS of 15 – 20 and 30 MINUTES

65€ – 75€ – 90€

Paragliding Reservation Form

As paragliding is a weather dependent sport, the first step is to book a date for your flight. Payments will be made only after flights.

Note: Flights in Serra da Arrábida are only allowed by the Directorate of the Dep. of Management of Classified Areas, Litoral de Lisboa and Oeste during the period between the 1st of October and the 31st of May

Paragliding Tandem Flight Reservations

How does it work?

After you fill this form you will have your flights reserved and we will get in touch to give you details about the flying Spot and Hour of the event. 
The payment can be done also on the event day after your tandem flight.

We use to meet with customers on the tandem flight spot.

In case you do not have your own transportation or prefer to, we can arrange a carpool. 

The Flying Spot will vary depending on the weather conditions.

Depending on the weather conditions, we will contact you to confirm and will let you know about the hour and flying spot.

A tandem flight is best for the person seeking an exciting one-time experience, with minimum commitment.

For any other question, just send us an Email or Call Us using one of the links below.

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I do not have own transportation.

Carpooling? If you do not have a vehicle or prefer to carpool:

We can work out carpooling from either Ferry-boat stations, train station or any of the areas close as long as you are in route to the flying spot. Details about this can be discussed on the phone.

Are there any age/weight restrictions?

More important than age, the passenger must weight between 30 to 110 KG, depending on wind intensity.

For anyone aged till 17 must have the formally consented of a guardian. We have flown passengers from 10 to 84 years of age.

What do i need to know about my paragliding flight?

We will supply all of the last generation equipment and mandatory insurance.

We will have a previous briefing to explain all the procedure.

You will fly together with an instructor seated in a comfortable harness.

Passenger and Pilot will communicate easily during all the flight.

What to wear on the flying day?

Sturdy or trekking shoes that you would go for a brisk walk. Preferably with a closed toe to better protect your feet.
A warm top. Even if the day is hot it is cooler when flying around in the sea breeze. On a cold day it can be very chilly, so rug up.
Glasses or sunglasses are fine.
Sunscreen, hat and water – sometimes we have to wait for a while for the conditions to be just right. As we are close to the beach you may like to have your swimmers and towel handy.

What about small groups, do we fly together?

For small groups of two or more passengers, each will be flown in a separate tandem either simultaneously or consecutively. Paragliding Lisbon has several qualified Tandem pilots and on some days we may have several pilots available. Depending on pilot availability you can choose to either fly simultaneously (the same time) or consecutively (one after the other). Some passengers want to fly in the air at the same time, e.g. to wave at each other and/or take video/photography in the air, others prefer to fly consecutively, e.g. to take video/photography from the ground, look after children/pets, etc. Whenever possible we let you make the choice.

May I bring a Camera for in flight pictures?

Do you think the memory of your wonderful experience will fade with the years passing by?

Make your flight a lasting memory with great photos and/or a movie. You may bring a Camera for in flight pictures.

Do we Jump in Paragliding?

There are fundamental differences between parachuting and Paragliding. 

The term tandem jump or tandem flight is often spoken. In Paragliding, in opposition of parachuting, we do not jump. Our glider is already open before the take-off. It lifts slowly flying forward and up.

The feeling of “leap into the void” does not exist in paragliding.

We confirm your Paragliding Flight Reservation

Our availability to carry out your flights is total.

What we cannot confirm at this time are the weather conditions on the day of the flight.

You can contact us through our e-mail: tel or WhatsApp +351917251262

We therefore ask that you contact us the day before your flight(s) so that we can inform you of the time and place of meeting.

When we are contacted (the day before your flight(s) we will send you the time information and a Google Maps pin of the Flight/Meeting location.

Usual Flight locations depending on Wind direction are:

Praia das Bicas – Praia da Fonte da Telha – Sesimbra 

We confirm your Paragliding Flight Reservation

Notre disponibilité pour opérer vos vols est absolue.

Ce que nous ne pouvons pas confirmer pour le moment, ce sont les conditions météorologiques le jour du vol.

Vous pouvez nous contacter par email: téléphone ou WhatsApp +351 917 251 262

Nous vous demandons donc de nous contacter un jour avant votre (vos) vol(s) afin que nous puissions vous informer de l’heure et du lieu du rendez-vous.

Si nous sommes contactés (la veille de votre (vos) vol(s), nous vous enverrons les informations horaires et un pin Google Maps du vol / point de rendez-vous.

Les emplacements de vol courants en fonction de la direction du vent sont :

Praia das Bicas – Praia da Fonte da Telha – Sesimbra

Wir bestätigen Ihre Gleitschirmflugreservierung

Unsere Verfügbarkeit für die Durchführung Ihrer Flüge ist absolut.

Was wir derzeit noch nicht bestätigen können, sind die Wetterbedingungen am Flugtag.

Sie können uns per E-Mail: , Telefon oder WhatsApp +351917251262 kontaktieren

Wir bitten Sie daher, uns einen Tag vor Ihrem/Ihren Flug(en) zu kontaktieren, damit wir Ihnen Zeit und Ort des Treffens mitteilen können.

Wenn wir kontaktiert werden (am Tag vor Ihrem/Ihren Flug(en) senden wir Ihnen die Zeitinformationen und eine Google Maps-Pin des Flug-/Treffpunkts zu.

Übliche Flugorte je nach Windrichtung sind:

Praia das Bicas – Praia da Fonte da Telha – Sesimbra

Confirmamos a sua reserva de Voo em Parapente

A nossa disponibilidade para a realização do(s) seu(s) voos é total.

O que não podemos confirmar neste momento são as condições meteorológicas no dia de voo.

Pode contactar-nos através do nosso email: , tel ou WhatsApp +351917251262

Pedimos por isso que nos contactem no dia anterior á data do seu(s) voo(s) para que possamos informar a hora e local de encontro.

Quando formos contactados (no dia anterior ao vosso(s) voo(s) enviaremos a informação da hora e um pin do Google Maps do local de Voo/Encontro. 

Os locais Prováveis de Voo dependendo da direção do Vento são:

Praia das Bicas – Praia da Fonte da Telha – Sesimbra Vila ou Serra da Arrábida quando a reserva for feita exclusivamente para este local.